Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flowers for Algernon

The author of Flowers for Algernon is Daniel Keyes. The setting of the book is realistic, because it is about a man who has problems that people in real life have. The protaganist in this story is Charlie, because he is the one who has a problem and is trying to fix it. The main conflict in this story is how Charlie has a low IQ and fixes it by getting a surgury that makes him very smart. If I could choose one of the events from the book to happen to me, it would be to get a surgery to make me really dmart. It would change my life, because ten I would ge able to do all of my homework quicker and easier. The main conflict is resolved by te surgery waring off after a while, and Charlie goes back to not being very smart, and can't spell that well. My favorite character in this story is Charlie, because he always makes sure to be nice to everyone.

The Princess Diaries

 The author of The Princess Diaries is Meg Cabot. In the exposition, Mia is explaining how her dad has gotten a type of cancer that makes it so he can't have anymore kids. Also, how she is stuggling with Algebra, so she is failing that class. The Princess Diaries is a realistic fiction book. One event that makes this a realistic fiction book is how she gets into a fight with her bestfriend, Lilly, and they auit talking to eachother. Another event is when her dad gets cancer, so he can't have anymore kids. The protaganist in this book is Mia, because she is trying to not have to move to another country, and be te heir to the throne of Genovia. The antagonist would be Mia's dad, because he is trying to make her move to Genovia, and be the princess. One conflict in book is when Mia first foundout that her dad was the prince of Genovia, and she is the heir to the throne. Anoer conflict is when Mia has to take princess lessons from her grandmother. The climax of the book is when Mia and Josh are at the school dance, and she confronts him in front of everybody. In the resolution, Mia dances were th her friend, Lilly's brother, Michael. Also she finds out that she gets to stay in Manhattan until she is done with school. I like is book because it is interesting, and has a lot of events in it that make you change what you think will happen next.